😇Early Payment (Repay)

What if I want to close my position before it ends? Is that possible?

We understand that there may be situations where you would like to close your position earlier than originally planned. In such cases, we will prorate your interest rate based on the actual number of days your position has been open. For example, if you had an open position for 14 days and repaid your NFT after 5 days, your interest will be recalculated based on the actual duration of 5 days.

The prorated interest rate will be calculated using the following formula:

Prorated Interest Rate = Actual Duration * Base Interest Rate

This means that you will only be charged for the actual number of days your position was open, and you will not have to pay for any additional days.

We believe that this approach is fair and transparent, and we hope that it will provide you with the flexibility you need to manage your investments effectively.

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