đŸŽ¯Go-To-Market Strategy

Segmentation, Strategy + Future Plans

Segmentation Initially, our core target demographic will be SOL traders and collectors who are interested in maximizing their profits through leveraged trading or diversifying their portfolio across multiple collections. This also includes those who might lack the substantial capital required to participate in top-tier, or 'blue-chip', communities.

Our attention will initially be concentrated on pfp collections. For liquidity providers, we will be focusing on whales, DAOs, and protocols that are interested in generating a risk-free APY.

We place a high priority on user retention, and we will continuously update and improve our product based on feedback from our community. Our objectives also include integrating with as many protocols as possible.


  1. We are planning to implement a loyalty points system. These points will be awarded for activities such as opening positions, making interest payments, and supplying liquidity. These accumulated points can be utilized in raffles for NFTs and tokens or can be converted to our $RBX token, set to launch in 2024. This strategy not only provides our community with rewarding benefits but also offers financial incentives to encourage trading on Robox.

  1. Referrals. We are integrating Qwestive (https://www.qwestive.io/) into our platform. This will empower our users to invite their friends and receive 10% of their friends' interest paid as a benefit. Such referral programs have been pivotal in the expansion of platforms like GMX and Drift, making them an essential feature for us.

  2. Establishing collaborations with existing communities and future mints. Holders of partnered collections will enjoy a boosted rate of loyalty points accumulation through Robox within a certain timeframe. Furthermore, the trade of their collections will also yield additional points, thereby driving up the trading volume. We have successfully implemented this strategy with emerging projects, such as Hoopas and Vanta, and are currently in discussion with blue chips. These initiatives serve dual purposes of cross-promotion and integrating these communities into our platform.

  3. We plan to release more features that help people and projects earn money, (e.g. NFT short selling). Our primary marketing strategy will be through organic, word-of-mouth promotion to increase awareness about our platform. To kick things off, we will provide highly favorable conditions for early adopters. For instance, we won't charge any commissions on Robox and all revenues from the borrower's interest and liquidation fees will be allocated entirely to our Liquidity Providers.

  4. In order to further motivate the community, we intend to implement prize-based leaderboards. These leaderboards will rank users based on both their total SOL returns and percentage returns. Users will also be able to tweet and brag about their gains (or losses 😅).

  1. Composability. NFT Space is moving fast and we're ready to adjust to any upcoming trends, but here are some integrations we're already working on to scale up the platform: 1. Solana native apps integrations: Backpack and SAGA (Q3 2023) 2. NFT Liquidity Platforms (e.g. FRAKT) - integration into their Strategies and adding users' ability to borrow against NFTs to increase leverage 3. NFT Aggregators (Lender Labs) - displaying our liquidity pool natively on their website 4. DeFI Liquidity Protocols (MarginFi, PsyFi, Raydium) 5. Marketplaces Integration (buy now button)

  2. Long-term growth Ultimately, a further method to scale our operations would involve both horizontal and vertical strategies. Horizontal scaling would involve branching out into other markets, such as new blockchains, with our initial target being EVM chains. Vertical scaling would encompass expanding into different sectors like real-world assets and gaming NFTs. Additionally, we plan to enhance our features by introducing NFT derivatives/perps.

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